March 24, 2012

DEBUNKING the "Walking Dead Ceremony in Toraja Indonesia" HOAX

A Ritual of the Walking Dead is wide-spreading around facebook and in the internet. According to them people had the power to make a dead man walk to his village in order to be present at his own funeral. In this way, relatives of the deceased were spared the necessity of having to carry his corpse. Unfortunately, no one can explain if it is really true or hoax, we made a research about the Toraja History and Culture and found out that it isn't real..

The pictures is not about the "Ritual and Ceremony of the Walking Corpse" but rather "The Cleaning and Changing Clothing Ancestors Corpse."

Here is the latest and best information that we've gathered to explain everything..........

Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi has long been famous for its natural scenic mountains a unique and customary rituals. The most famous, of course, Signs Solo party that was held before the funeral of a respected figure.

Each year the party that took place in several places in Toraja is always inviting the arrival of thousands tourists. Beside Signs Solo, actually there is a customary rare ritual in Toraja, namely Ma ‘Nene’, the ritual of cleaning and replacing clothes ancestral remains.

This ritual is only known to the public in the interior of Toraja Baruppu North. Usually, Ma ‘Nene’ held every August. When Ma ‘Nene’ progress, crates dead ancestors, leaders and parents, are removed from the tombs and stone canal and placed in the arena of the ceremony.

There, relatives and the relatives had gathered. Slowly, they took out the corpse (either still intact or who were living bones) and replace clothing embedded in the body with a new body. They treat the body as if still alive and remain part of the family.

Ritual Ma ‘Nene’ by society Baruppu regarded as a manifestation of their love for their ancestors, figures and relatives who had died. They remain hopeful, ancestral spirits to keep them from malicious interference, crop pests, as well as misfortune of living. 

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